eDoc Document Generation Suite


eDoc Suite is a set of Microsoft Office add-ins for Word, Excel & PowerPoint that let you use your data in MS Office with ease.

Creating simple flat tables from data sources is possible in MS Office, but complex data integration (master-detail or from multiple databases) requires custom development or macros. Even then, flexible automatic formatting is difficult. The eDoc Suite allows you to integrate and present complex data intuitively without writing any code.

You can use the eDoc Suite with or without SharePoint and create complex tables in your Office documents using data lists from the following sources:

  • SharePoint Lists & Libraries
  • Web Services (ASMX, SVC & REST)
  • Relational Databases*

Our solution helps to reduce the effort required in the document creation and management process. Accuracy of content is greater compared to manual document creation, while formatting issues and time costs are dramatically reduced.

“Every event that we organize contributes real value to our business and says something about our company. The eDoc solution has been a valuable tool in helping us reach our goal of making each event a success.” 

– Ingrid Marti, Senior Director, Head of Global Congresses, Meetings and Events, Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd

The Challenge

Every organization has business data available in a number of databases & systems. This data is normally available through reports and web dashboards, but it is difficult to access and use this data directly from within Microsoft Office Documents.

Users are forced to manually create excel tables and/or copy paste data manually into documents and presentations. Obviously, when the data changes, the documents are no longer correct.

Also, while Excel tables are useful for creating flat lists, they are not very effective when dealing with master/detail datasets and where formatting flexibility is needed.

The Solution

eDoc Toolbar is your solution for creating freely formatted documents combined with complex tables based on data from various data sources. You can source your data either directly from databases, from SharePoint or from web services: we call these data sources data lists.
You can use a combination of Excel tables, Excel Graphs and complex master/detail Word tables with flexible formatting. You can even create a master table from a data list from one database and a nested table, linked to the master, from a data list coming from a completely different database.

And that’s not all, the eDoc Toolbar takes care of the content sync as well. You can set your data update options to automatically update the data list content whenever you open the document or with one click of a button; the eDoc Toolbar does the rest.

“The eDoc solution has significantly reduced our document generation workload and helped us focus more on the actual planning and management of our events. This easy to use solution, backed by a responsive support team, has become an integral part of our business process.”

– Stephane Dazet, Senior Manager, Global Congresses, Meetings & Events, Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd

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