PowERPlay is a Business Process Centric ERP solution designed to provide high quality, real-time business intelligence.

PowERPlay consolidates all the various data sources and functions of an organization into one integrated information sharing system and provides comprehensive, up-to-the minute information about finances, supply chains, customers and resources. This in-depth business insight enables managers to increase business control and make better decisions leading to excellence in business performance.

The power of the system lies in the ability to create flexible document types that allow you to define your business workflow for a given activity. From defining workflows, managing profit/cost centres, automated rule based transaction processing, notification services, comprehensive reporting capabilities, sophisticated materials management and project/manufacturing planning, PowERPlay is a platform that can support from simple to highly complex business requirements.

Our core system provides enormous flexibility for meeting the needs of any industry. In addition to the flexible configuration capabilities, we provide custom add-on development services for customer-specific requirements. Further, with the release of our industry-specific add-on for the Real Estate Development sector, we plan to release additional industry-specific add-ons which will allow PowERPlay to provide support for a wide range of industries.

As a leading Real Estate Development company, we seek the most innovative business practices and technologies. With their professional and cost-effective approach, IMpulse have provided the perfect ERP platform to meet our objective of improving operational efficiency.

–¬†Arshi Haider, Managing Director , Building Technology & Ideas Ltd.