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Pulselinks is a cloud-based event management solution designed to plan, manage, promote, and evaluate corporate events of every size in every industry.

It offers functionality to automate and streamline critical event management tasks to boost operational efficiency.

The Pulselinks modules can be implemented individually or in various combinations, which give it the flexibility to be tailored to the needs of each user.

Implemented all together, the various Pulselinks modules support the entire event lifecycle, from planning to post-event survey, and form a powerful tool for running successful events.

Because Events Matter

Events are being increasingly recognised across industries as playing an important role in organizational performance and growth.

With this increased focus on events, professional event organizers are moving away from the inefficiencies of paper files and spreadsheets towards automating event management functions.

A robust event management platform should empower event managers to create exceptional events and achieve their event goals.

There is a lot more to event management than setting up a web site and registering attendees!

We believe that the unique features of the Pulselinks suite of tools make it a game-changer in event technology.

Our Clients


Transforming the way ESCMID plans and manages educational events.

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ESCMID Event Portal on Pulselinks:

Pulselinks builds on our event logistics solution in use by our pilot client Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd since 2013. The solution has supported Actelion in efficiently managing theirs events and data. Please see the customer success story in the download section.

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Customer Testimonial

“The eDoc solution has significantly reduced our document generation workload and helped us focus more on the actual planning and management of our events. This easy to use solution, backed by a responsive support team, has become an integral part of our business process.”Stephane Dazet, Senior Manager, Global Congresses, Meetings & Events Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd
 “Every event that we organize contributes real value to our business and says something about our company. The eDoc solution has been a valuable tool in helping us reach our goal of making each event a success.”Ingrid Marti Senior Director, Head of Global Congresses, Meetings and Events Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd